Modré dveřeKostelec nad Černými lesy

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We offer psychotherapy and crisis intervention in English. Its availability is dependant on the capacity of our English speaking psychotherapist. If you demand psychotherapy or crisis intervention in English, please contact Alžběta Krejčová ( Mentioned services are provided only in our center Modré dveře Říčany.

Services offered by the center Modré dveře Kostelec nad Černými lesy are provided exclusively in Czech. For more details please see the Czech version of this site. 


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Therapeutic center Modré dveře, z.ú,
headquarters: náměstí Smiřických 39, Kostelec nad Černými lesy, 281 63
other centers: 
Praha Hostivař, K Horkám 23
Říčany, Tyrše a Fügnera 105/7

data case: s38nup5

bank account number: 107-1066130267/0100

director-statutory representative:
+420 725 830 830