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Our centers

Therapeutic center Modré dveře, z.ú is the operator of :

center Modré dveře Kostelec nad Černými lesy

center Modré dveře Praha - Hostivař

center Modré dveře Říčany


Statutory authority of our organization is PhDr. Kateřina Siveková Křižáková, executive director of the organization is Mgr. Radka Dydňanská, PhD., director of the center Modré dveře Kostelec nad Černými lesy is PhDr. Helena Schejbalová, director of the center Modré dveře Říčany is Mgr. Petra Stehlíková and deputy director of the center Modré dveře Praha is Mgr. Saša Walnerová. Chief financial officer of the organization is Ing. Jitka Němečková.

Therapeutic center Modré dveře, z.ú. is a private non-profit organization, which deals with improving the standards of living of people, who need support and help in their life situations. The organization also teaches specialists, how to provide this help. Activity of the center is financed primarily from  public resources and european funds, while significant share on financing the actions of the organization belongs to donations and contributions of partners, patrons and supporters of the organization.

Visions, roles and values

The vision of our organization : "We believe in a society, that stands on stable, responsible and free people."

Our role : "We are here for people, who are seeking stability in life and need professional help and support for it."

The values we follow: Cooperation, stability, responsibility, professionalism and equality.

Our services

We provide our services in three centers, in Prague (detailed here), in Říčany (detailed here) and in Kostelec nad Černými lesy (detailed here), which differ in the offer of services, based on a lack of provision of these bio-psycho-social services in mentioned locations. We design our services in a way, so they create a logical framework of activities, that have together the most valuable impact on our clients/patients in terms of freedom and independence. We percieve, that help is more valuable and stable, when we focus on a broader context of our client/patient, his family, his relations with employer or school management, and his coexistence with neighbours.  


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Therapeutic center Modré dveře, z.ú,
headquarters: náměstí Smiřických 39, Kostelec nad Černými lesy, 281 63
other centers: 
Praha Hostivař, K Horkám 23
Říčany, Tyrše a Fügnera 105/7

data case: s38nup5

bank account number: 107-1066130267/0100

director-statutory representative:
+420 725 830 830